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During peacetime, York steadily grew in population, although its infrastructure lagged, leading to the nickname of "Muddy York".

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The Mississaugas set up a settlement reserve in the area of Port Credit to the west of York and eventually moved further to the west.

In the 21st Century, Toronto has integrated the core and the suburbs under one government, although many bylaws enacted by the former municipalities remain in effect.

A division has persisted between the interests of those who live in the former suburbs and those of the central core.

To support the suburban growth, the Government of Ontario set up Metropolitan Toronto, a regional government encompassing Toronto and its suburbs, in 1954.

The regional government built roads, water treatment and highways in Toronto, although the central city remained the largest municipality and occasionally defeated regional projects, such as the Spadina Expressway and other expressways and the clearing of the Toronto Islands.

The Americans, who lost their commanding officer in the explosion, proceeded to sack the town and burn down the government buildings but did not take possession of York.