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He is also a suspect in at least two unsolved murders in New York.Authorities have compared him to Ted Bundy, and fear that, as evidence continues to mount, he may prove to be one of the most prolific serial killers in American history.Unable to convict him of rape and attempted murder without their primary witness, prosecutors were forced to permit Alcala to plead guilty to a lesser charge.He was paroled after 34 months, in 1974, under the "indeterminate sentencing" program popular at the time, which allowed parole boards to release offenders as soon as they demonstrated evidence of "rehabilitation." Less than two months later, Alcala was arrested for violating parole and providing marijuana to a 13-year old girl who claimed she had been kidnapped.

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In March 2010, Alcala was sentenced to death for a third time.

In 1964, after what was described as a "nervous breakdown", he was diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder by a military psychiatrist and discharged on medical grounds.

Family rally round as Bee Gees star Robin Gibb battles liver cancer. By Sara Nathan Updated EDT, 21 November 2011… continue reading »

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Roundtable definition, a number of persons gathered together for conference, discussion of some subject, etc. and often seated at a round table. See more.… continue reading »

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Richard Grayson is the adopted son of Bruce Wayne. His tragic past would lead him to learn Bruce Wayne's secret identity as Batman and join his efforts as Robin the Boy Wonder. In his adulthood, Grayson adopts his own identity as the hero Nightwing, leader of the Teen Titans. Young Dick Grayson.… continue reading »

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