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In addition, you'll find a number of functions that manipulate date values and components.

But even with all the built-in help, solutions are seldom intuitive.

Leap years complicate things because dates following February 28 in a leap year aren't the same as those in a non-leap year.

To calculate a Julian date, use the following expression: where date is the date or Date/Time field for which you're calculating a Julian value. When including numeric values in expressions, you don't need to identify the value in any way. The correct character to use when including a literal date value is the pound character (#).

On the other hand, if all you want is the current time, use the Time() function.

Don't use Now() unless you really mean to store both the date and time. A value that includes both a date and time component usually responds differently to expressions.

Access offers a couple of keyboard shortcuts, which are quicker and help eliminate typos.

For instance, January 1 of any year is 1, February 1 of any year is 32, and so on.

For instance, you might expect the following expression to find dates that fall after December 12, 2006: However, the resulting recordset will include December 12, 2006, entries when the entry includes a time value.

Conversely, Access won't return December 12, 2006, dates if the entry stores just a date value.

Working with dates in Access can be somewhat confusing.

Fortunately, Access offers the Date/Time data type, which greatly simplifies the job of handling dates.You'll use Format() to display dates, but don't use it when you must use the results in mathematical equations. You just set the date field's Sort option or add an ORDER BY clause to the SQL statement. If you're trying to sort by a single date component—the day of the month, the month, or the year—use the Day(), Month(), or Year() functions.For instance, if you wanted to find all the January dates, you'd use the SQL WHERE clause in the form: None of the Access date functions returns the first or the last day of a specific or relative month. To display a single component, use the appropriate format code.

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